The basics:
– The basics of Christianity is faith in Christ and the good works his grace enables us to do. It’s the essentials of our faith.
– The Trinity of God is a fundamental tenant of faith along with the person, doctrines, death, resurrection and divine Grace of the person of Christ.
– The Bible is a collection of foundational writings of our faith, and our main attention and emphasis should be on the New Testament. We should trust that God has the power to give us essential truths through these writings (Ephesians 1:11).
– Christianity is a not a lawreligion and the Bible not a lawbook to the Christian. We must discern the Spirit behind the various views and teachings found in the Bible.
– A certain skepticism is only a healthy sign of a true relationship with God and Christ. There must be room for doubt and frustration.

– The Bible teaches that there will one day be a final restoration of all things and salvation of all humans. There will be an end to seperation of God and any man (1 Corinthians 15:28). Love and justice demands that Christ did not a pay a ransom for all in vain (1 Timothy 2:5-6, 2 Peter 2:1).
– The problem of evil is real because God is almighty and people and their sometimes extreme suffering matter. But the problem of evil can’t be solved by our reason or the Bible, we must trust in the plan and goodness of God.
– Audience relevance. Our exegesis has to have been understandable to the first/the original readers.
– An insight into ancient near eastern culture is important if we want a deeper authentic understanding of many biblical texts.
– The Jewish war AD 66-70 is significant in relation to the prophecies of Christ and the book of Revelation.
– The book of Revelation needs a special address in the New Testament corpus being by far the most obscure. This book is best explained to deal with events in AD 66-70 in the Jewish covenant universe as an archetype of coming times of tribulation and ends with a great vision of God’s promises to the saints as well as healing of nations (this is called Preterist-Idealism).

Attitude to science and modern thinking:
– It’s not soberminded to think bad of an entire science community because its discoveries don’t match the Genesis creation record.
– For the believer there is no problem in both believing the spiritual and supernatural and accept the known laws of life discovered by science. God is not part of his creation and the Bible doesn’t attempt any literal creation record.
– Great minds like Darwin, Freud and Nietzsche might well have been hostile to even gracefilled Christianity but it is not the basis for judging them. We should bear in mind the abonimable things done in the name of Christianity and always be able to discern between faith and what we can verify believers and unbelievers alike.

About the will and sexual orientation:
– Life holds us accountable although there is a great deal of things about our constitution and the world around us that we don’t control. It’s “the empty life” (1 Peter 1:18, Ecclesiastes 1:2-3) that Christ will save us from.
– Homosexuality doubtlessly has to do with genes we inherit and upbringing. It’s irrational and unscientific to believe such a choice is made out of a freewill rebellion. The persecution of the homosexuals and its link to certain statements by Paul is an unfurtunate issue that the mature Christian community need to face and solve. At least from some Pauline words, it is possible to see that he did not have modern lovebased homosexual relationships in view but it is obvious he did not fully understand the subject. The Bible fundamentalist have to face the fact that Christ in the Gospels never touches the subject. Genuine mutual love can never be a crime. Also “there is neither male nor female” in Christ (Galatians 3:28), gender and sex belongs to this present life only.

These principles will be the taught and / or reflected upon in the papers found on this site.

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